We have developed the concept of the ‘Elexon Ecosystem‘ as a way to define and drive how we interact with the people who are important to our business objective of achieving safe and competitive mines with advanced, robust and practical geotechnical monitoring systems.

For the Elexon Ecosystem to be fully effective all elements in the ecosystem must be in balance. To achieve this in our business we recognise that all of the people we work with with have unique needs that we need to address in our dealings with them. We also recognise the often intricate inter-related nature of our Ecosystem and how we can offer mutual benefits to all those who inhabit it through a collaborative working approach.


The Elexon Ecosystem is driven by our overall corporate mission.

Safe and competitive mines with advanced, robust and practical geotechnical monitoring systems.

Managing the economic and safety risks in a mine will deliver positive outcomes for all members of our ecosystem…and beyond.



Thought Leaders are individuals, usually from research and education institutions, who develop unique ideas that will make a difference in the way a mine operates. These ideas focus on new and different ways to work in a mining environment or solve existing problems. Thought Leaders lead the way in coming up with completely new ideas that are innovative, influential and transformative; with a ‘whole of industry’ focus. Elexon Mining works with Thought Leaders to determine how to turn their ideas into a practical reality using the technological expertise of our team. Thought Leaders are often the starting point for new ideas…


Innovators are critical to the Elexon Ecosystem as they have the authority, drive and funding to take on and try new technologies in a developmental and practical way in a live mine site. Innovators operate at the mining company level and represent one of the great things about the mining industry – supporting research and development that will improve current mining practices. Innovators bring new ideas and practices to their mining company employer and are driven by a problem that they need to solve. In collaboration with us and the visionary Innovators help us to develop our solutions into practical products and systems that work.


We acknowledge the valuable role our employees play in keeping the Elexon Ecosystem in balance. Our engineers and product designers are the invaluable link that helps to turn innovative concepts into real and practical products that deliver real benefits to customers. Using their training, experience and imagination our team will work out how to turn great ideas into great products that offer real benefits to our customers.


Our experience working with researchers has been enlightening, to say the least. Researchers help us to expand the reach of the technologies we develop in order to provide value and benefit into other industries. Researchers often come to us with a specific problem they need to solve in a non-mining application, and they believe our technology and products could be adapted to become a solution for the challenge they have identified. We have opened up some interesting opportunities in the field of civil engineering by collaborating with researchers who wish to utilise our unique ground monitoring technology in this way.