MassMin 2016 – Shining a light on cave mining

MassMin 2016 is only a week or so behind us, and like you, we are back to work and remembering the many fantastic people and opportunities we experienced at this event. While the memories are still fresh, we want to share our impressions of this great conference.


Thank you AusIMM

Most of all, we want to congratulate the organisers of MassMin 2016 for their excellent work, and thank the sponsors for their support. It was highly beneficial to attend the conference, and the people we have spoken to since the show all agree with us that it was one of the most professional, effective and enjoyable industry events they have been to in recent times.

Shedding some light into the dark world of caving

Every few years, when the caving community gathers during conferences, a wealth of opinions and experiences is shared during presentations and networking events. These interactions enable the industry to continually improve best practices in caving.

Several people noted that figuring out caving is like putting together a puzzle with a few important pieces still missing.  This conference has demonstrated that the number of missing pieces is getting smaller and the picture of the ‘caving puzzle’ is becoming clearer.

Collaboration leads to innovation

Elexon Mining is proud to be a part of this very active and enthusiastic community. We appreciate the collaboration with so many of you. Only through this partnership approach are we able to develop new technologies that improve vital insights into what is seen as a ‘blind’ mining method.

The development of the real-time cave flow monitoring system, Cave Tracker, was another important milestone on the industry’s journey to master cave mining. Thanks to these new monitoring technologies, the ability to plan and control caving has greatly improved.

Greater control over caving will lead to improved safety and higher performance. The benefits of these outcomes are far reaching; covering operators, engineers, site management, corporate management and investors.

Continued development and interaction

We look forward to continuing our contribution to the improvement of safety and performance in cave mining. We want to invite you to share your experience and opinions by interacting with us.

As a company focused on innovation that comes about through collaboration, we are interested in understanding how we can improve our collaboration with you and empower you in your work?

We welcome your input in the comments field below.


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