Super Smart Markers

The use of Smart Markers in cave mining is gaining momentum. A growing number of companies are employing Smart Markers optimise mining and to ensure that their caving projects yield the promised returns on investment.

This year’s Massmin Conference (Sydney, May 2016) had a significant number of papers that directly are based on Smart Marker data or which mentioned the use of Smart Markers in their mines.

We want to congratulate the authors of these paper and the people involved at mine sites for their excellent work and their contribution to the mining industry. We’re very proud that the Smart Marker has helped contribute to this valuable body of industry research.

  • “Modelling of Real-time Marker Data to Improve Operational Recovery in Sublevel Caving Mines” by G. R. Power and A.D Campbell
  • “Full Scale Flow Marker Experiments at the Ridgeway Deeps and Cadia East Cave Operations” by I. Brunton, J. L. Lett and T. Thornhill
  • “FlowSim – A Versatile Flow Simulation Tool to Quantify Extraction and Design Alternatives for Blcok Caving” by R. Castro, A. Hekmat, M. Fuentes, F. Armijo and F. Rodriguez
  • “Undercutting to Surface Breakthrough – Cadia East Panel Cave (Stage 1)” by J. L. Lett, I. Brunton, G. W. Capes, A, Jaeger, B. Mobilio, J. Rachocki, G. B. Sharrock and M Secheny
  • “Fragmentation Prediction and Assessment at the Ridgeway Deeps and Cadia East Cave Operations” by I. Brunton, J. L. Lett and T. Thornhill
  • “Geotechnical Challenges in Cave Monitoring – a Modern Approach” by J. L. Lett, A. Jaeger, J Rachocki and B. Mobilio
  • “Draw Control Optimisation along the Production Drift in Sublevel Caving Mines” by G. Shekhar, A Gustafson, P. Boerg-Jensen and H. Schunnesson
  • “Wireless System for Monitoring Cave-back Propagation” by S. Steffen, J Poulsen, A Van As, S. Talu, G. Watt and J. S. Ooi
  • “Understanding Rock Mass Behaviour through the Development of an Integrated Sensing Platform” by E. Widzyk-Capehart, C. Hoelck Teuber, O. Fredes, V. Rivero, E. Sanchez, I Pedemonte, N. Gonzalez and S. Steffen
  • “Gravity Flow Full-scale Tests at Esmeralda Mine’s Block-2, El Teniente” by D. Garcezs, E. Viera, R. Castro and M. Melendez
  • “Holistic Approach to Study Gravity Flow at the Kiruna Sublevel Caving Mine” A. Nordqvist and M. Wimmer
  • “Cave Tracker Flow Monitoring System Installation at Argyle Diamond Mine” by D. Whiteman, S. Talu, G. Watt, A. Van As and P. Kuiper
  • “Geohazmap Implementation in Block Cave Mines” by S. Talue, E. Savage and S. Howe“


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