Confidently monitor slope stability with wireless in-ground sensors.

Open Pits now span wider and deeper than ever before, creating advanced geotechnical challenges. With these challenges comes the need to manage the associated risks, monitor and control slope stability.

Elexon Mining’s Geo4Sight wireless in-ground monitoring system, provides greater insights never seen before with cabled instrumentation, assisting Geotechnical Engineers in measuring and characterising rock mass damage induced by mining activities.

This proven system enhances a mining operation’s geotechnical monitoring capabilities and improves the ability to deal with major safety and production risks relating to slope stability.

Using the Geo4Sight system, our customers are able to monitor and detect in-ground movement before it reaches the surface. They also have the ability to wirelessly monitor change in pore pressure, enabling active slope management.

The wireless system can monitor where traditional cabled systems can’t and is extensible and fully recoverable. Our system is easy to install and efficient to manage. It’s wireless configuration eliminates the need for manual monitoring and expensive cabling – contributing to lifecycle savings.

Elexon Mining is a global leader in wireless ground monitoring with systems installed globally and contracts with some of the world’s leading mine companies.

Our sophisticated wireless in-ground monitoring systems have been used to better define cave back propagation and track ore flow while it’s still in the cave. It’s also been used to monitor slope stability in open pit mines and tailings dams.

  • Wireless Monitoring

    Using Mesh Network
  • Long Life Battery

    Up to 10 years
  • Multi-Sensor Technology

    Measure pore pressure, tilt & temperature in one
  • Real-Time Data

    Report at any time or pre-set intervals

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  • Reduced Implementation Costs

    Easy installation & fully recoverable system

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  • Improve Safety

    Reliably communicate take corrective action

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