Cave Monitoring Systems

With our Cave Monitoring Systems, mine managers and geotechnical engineers are able to make better decisions to protect the mine and keep it working as it should, safely and efficiently.

Wireless In-Ground Monitoring

Elexon Mining has extended its Smart Marker technology to develop wireless in-ground monitoring systems for mines.  The sensors will detect ground movements, allowing mine operators to evaluate the data and make informed decisions that can directly impact mine safety and productivity.

Ongoing Research And Development

Our unique systems are developed through collaboration with key industry partnerships with mining companies and research organisations internationally.

Elexon Mining provides solutions to manage geotechnical and economic risks that are associated with ground movement. Our technology leads the world in the tracking of ore flow and recovery in cave mines.

Elexon Mining collaborates with mining companies and research organisations to develop the systems that mines need.

Use our technology to minimise your risks. We provide your ‘Eye into the Mine’.

Our Systems

Cave tracker data
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Smart Marker System

Networked Smart Marker System

Cave Tracker System


Measure the ore flow in your block or sublevel cave. It’s probably not doing what you think it is.

In Sublevel Caves, ring recovery and material flow has a critical impact on economic performance and operational efficiency.

The Smart Marker System comprises of a collection of wireless, robust electronic markers that are embedded in the ore body of a block or sublevel cave mine to track ore flow. Smart Markers provide the crucial insight into the mine that enables operations to maximise their profits and minimise risks through optimising their procedures.

Cave establishment and growth is a highly critical phase during the life of a cave project. Understanding the location of the cave back at any time during this phase is critical to safety and life-of-mine performance.

Traditional cable-based system fail in a highly dynamic ground. Networked Smart Markers use Smart Marker technology, with a long battery powered lifespan. Data communication is based on through-ground radio transmission which eliminates risk of system failure through cables broken by moving ground.

Measure where your cave back is, without worrying about cables shearing at the wrong place. Manage your caving risks by knowing what’s actually happening.

The Cave Tracker System is a world-first technology that enables monitoring of ore movement while it is still in the cave.

This ability provides near real-time data to allow mine operators to analyse the behaviour of caves and actively manage cave propagation and extraction.

Cave Tracker beacons are wireless and robust. They are able to remain underground for years and withstand the rigours of a harsh underground environment.

Moving and failing ground causes fatalities, injuries and economic damage of a large scale.

Ground failure starts in the ground where surface monitoring systems don’t provide insight. Cable-based system are difficult to maintain in moving ground and will cease operating when they are most needed: when the ground moves.

Elexon Mining has developed GEO4SIGHT; a wireless subsurface monitoring system for challenging geotechnical environments where the use of cabled monitoring systems is impossible, impractical or unreliable.

Cave Tracker

Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia
a collaboration with RIO TINTO

Elexon Mining collaborated with CRC Mining, Rio Tinto and Newcrest to develop the Cave Tracker system. Cave Tracker allows mines to see the caving progress and track ore flow.

Cave Tracker lets mine managers make better decisions to protect the mine asset and mitigate caving risks.

Produced by Rio Tinto, this video explains how cave mining works and features how Rio Tinto intends to use Cave Tracker in their cave mining operations at Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia.

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