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Senior/Experienced C++ role

We’re looking for a senior as well as an experienced C++ programmer.

You need to be smart, keen on developing great software and in particular a team player. We do need maintainable code, though: if you’re so smart that you’re the only person who understands how your software masterpiece works, we’re not for you!

We’re also hiring several graduates and some interns, so it would be great if you like mentoring fresh developers and watching them grow.

This role is perfect if you like to actually develop lots of real software, as opposed to jobs where you spend years fixing bugs or making tweaks to software that someone else developed. You’ll also learn lots of new things: what you’ll learn here in 1 year would take you 5 years to learn at other companies. Most importantly, we develop cool stuff – in Australia – that is exported around the world. This system is just one example: .

We have a team environment that’s free of office politics: you can get your job done without having to worry about those silly things that tend to fill people’s days in other workplaces.

Interested? Please contact us at You won’t regret it.

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